Liverpool legend Daniel Agger picks his five-a-side dream team

Liverpool legend Daniel Agger has selected his dream five-a-side team from his playing days at Anfield.

Agger became a fan-favourite on Merseyside during his eight-and-a-half years with the Reds, making 232 appearances and scoring 14 goals.

The Dane also had silverware to his name, lifting the League Cup in 2012 in a triumph that ended Liverpool's six-year spell without a trophy.

Speaking on the Aldo Meets podcast, Agger was posed the classic question of picking five teammates to form a Liverpool dream team.

Unsurprisingly, what he came up with would have been a truly formidable lineup.

“Goalie would have to be Pepe [Reina], could play with his feet as well. He will definitely be the goalie,” he said.

“I have to put Carra [Jamie Carragher] in, for his mentality. Especially those games in training, the players that want to win the most will win it, it’s not always the best team.

“I’ll jump a little bit [forward], a player like [Luis] Suarez has that mentality as well. It doesn’t matter if it was a game, it was training, the day before a game at training – if we played four against two or five against two, it doesn’t matter – he wanted to win. That was why quite early he got my deepest respect, because that is what you need.

“He’s also the type of centre-forward that you can kick a little bit and he would just get up and go hard again. He was tough, I saw him get kicked a lot and he just keeps on going.

Stevie [Gerrard] has to be there. It’s a balance [so I need another defender]… big Sami [Hyypia]. Sami was a good player.”

Daniel Agger's five-a-side dream team: Pepe Reina, Jamie Carragher, Sami Hyypia, Steven Gerrard, Luis Suarez.

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