Roy Keane makes startling Klopp admission despite saying Liverpool boss made him 'CRINGE'

Manchester United legend Roy Keane admits he would have LOVED to play under Jurgen Klopp. 

The Irishman was reflecting on Klopp’s overall impact at Liverpool since arriving at the club in 2015, during which time he’s re-established the Reds as one of Europe’s leading sides. 

Liverpool have won the Champions League, Premier League and Club World Cup among other honours under the German, and he leaves an Anfield legend at the end of the season. 

Looking back on where Liverpool were when the 56-year-old came into the club compared to where they are now, Keane was perhaps surprisingly complimentary about Klopp, describing him as ‘fantastic’ and ‘amazing’.

 "Look at the bigger picture and what he's done for this football club and it is fantastic," Keane told Sky Sports in his role as pundit.

"We talk about the type of football he's played, it's been very entertaining. He's giving young players a chance. They're back competing at the highest level and won some of the biggest prizes.

"He's also missed out and been close. This is a proper rollercoaster for him and one of his strengths is that he's an emotional guy. We see that on the sideline with him."

Keane: 'I'd like to play for this guy'

Keane also praised Klopp for being forthright in front of the cameras, rarely holding back when asked for his opinions, adding that Klopp’s honesty is a characteristic he would have appreciated if he had played under him.

Jurgen Klopp

Jurgen Klopp

"He's a very honest manager and I don't think he plays too many games,” he said. “He's not like this robot after games where he's almost just media-trained.

"He seems a very honest manager and I always try to picture if I was a player back in the day, I think I'd like to play for this guy.

"Huge respect for what he's done with the club from his personality to style of football. They're back competing at the highest level. They've had disappointments like every other football club." 

Look at the bigger picture says Keane

Liverpool have tumbled out of contention for the big prizes over recent weeks, dropping out of the Premier League title race, the Europa League and the FA Cup. 

While there will be no fairytale ending for Klopp on Merseyside, Keane states that the fans should remember the good times and not let a poor end to this season overshadow the manager’s achievements. 

"The way they fell away the last few weeks is probably hard to stomach for a lot of fans,” he admitted. 

“The Everton performance and result, the European games, the spat with Salah - a little sour taste. If you step back and look at the bigger picture about the manager and what he's about, it's amazing."

Keane: West Brom celebration made me cringe

This surprise praise comes as Keane admits that Klopp made him CRINGE during his early days as Liverpool manager. 

Klopp attracted ridicule for celebrating a 2-2 draw against West Brom during his first season in charge, leading his players towards the Kop to take fans’ acclaim.

However, looking back now, Keane acknowledges it was a ‘smart’ move.  

“West Brom, they drew and he's got them all cheering and holding hands at the end,” Keane said. “I was at home cringing going what's this guy up to? But he knew what he was doing. He's a smart cookie."

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