Kate Abdo admits she was 'hurt' by Carragher comments

Liverpool Champions League legend Jamie Carragher landed himself in hot water over a comment he made to CBS Sports anchor Kate Abdo following Arsenal’s game against Porto on March 12. 

In a skit involving an Arsenal shirt, Abdo stated that she wouldn’t wear it because of her loyalty to Manchester United. 

However, the defender-turned-pundit then made an ill-judged remark which appeared to suggest that the English presenter had been disloyal to her boyfriend, heavyweight boxer-turned-trainer Malik Scott. 

After much awkward shuffling, the CBS crew moved on from the incident, with Abdo drawing a line under the botched gag the following night at the top of the broadcast. 

Now in an interview with boxing journalist Kugan Cassius Abdo admits she was left “hurt” by Carragher’s comments but says that her partner will not be seeking to settle things physically with the Anfield icon. 

“What Jamie said came from nowhere,” the presenter told iFLTV. “It was just a quick line, it was meant to be funny, sometimes they hit, sometimes they don't. 

“That one went a little bit sideways. I felt a little bit hurt but it is what it is. You move on. We talked about it, we're all good, nothing really to talk about.”

Malik Scott doesn't want to fight Carragher

Scott replied through Lord Ping to Carragher following the incident, stating that he respected the former England international’s decision to apologise, but also intimating that he would seek to settle things in “a physical manner” if the ex-player wouldn't pick up the phone. 

However, the host has now rowed back on those remarks, stating that there will be no fight anytime soon between the two, and the pair are “cool” with one another. 

“Malik does not want to fight Jamie,” she said. “Malik and Jamie are cool. I understand why Malik said what he said but I think also if you read the full extent of what he said he was super respectful. 

“He just said, like anybody would say, if anything was said in the future that crossed the line, I'd want to have a conversation man to man. I think that's a normal thing.”

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