Liverpool invite fans for crucial Anfield Road stand trial

Liverpool have reportedly invited fans for an event to trial the new Anfield Road stand. It could now partially open this month.

This Is Anfield reports that Liverpool will invite fans to an event on December 11th that trails the new Anfield Road stand. The Reds have kept the top tier of the stand closed all season after development on it - a development that saw hefty delays earlier this year.

But it's now nearing the point where a trial is necessary. Liverpool hope to welcome over 3000 supporters on Monday for an event that will feature a Q&A with Jurgen Klopp. The event will be free, too - no excuse not to go along.

The idea is that having that many fans on the stand will allow the club to assess just how ready the stand is. Should all go well, they could at least partially open the top tier for the upcoming fixture with Manchester United.

And so, as TIA point out, this could mean the biggest attendance at Anfield since 1977. There isn't really any better fixture for it, of course, and the home meeting with United could be a very special one.

The full opening of the stand may not take place until next year, says the article. Liverpool will almost certainly break their Premier League attendance record twice this season as a result.

Exactly how far into next year, though? No one can be too sure at this stage and it largely depends on how well the trialling goes. If Monday is flawless and the United game goes without a hitch, the Anfield Road stand may be ready quite quickly.

Overall, Anfield's attendance should reach the 61,000 mark. That would place it as the fourth-biggest stadium in the Premier League, behind Old Trafford, Tottenham Hotspur stadium and West Ham Untied's London Stadium.

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