Liverpool investigation as loyalist flute band plays sectarian anthem at Anfield

Liverpool FC are now investigating the circumstances around how a loyalist flute band came to MARCH through the Anfield concourse last weekend.

Earlier this week, social media footage showed the Glendermott Valley Flute Band playing "Billy Boys" while on parade through the gates of Liverpool's famous football ground on Saturday. 

The song, banned by Scottish authorities due its sectarian connotations, features lyrics which include "up to our knees in fenian blood". 

The Derry Official Supporters Club confirmed to the Irish News outlet that a complaint had been made to the club over the incident. 

“As an Irish Catholic Liverpool supporter, the music they were playing was of a sectarian nature,” the supporters club spokesperson said.

“Talking about killing Catholics, up to their knees in fenian blood. Liverpool has a huge Irish following so it’s bound to upset some people.

“I’ve no issue with parades, but not through an establishment like Liverpool Football Club.

“There is an open walkway at Anfield for fans or visitors, but not for a sectarian march regardless of where they’re from.

“Whether it’s an orange or a republican march, it still shouldn’t happen."

The supporters club received a reply from Liverpool, in which the club confirmed it was unaware that any march was taking place last weekend around the ground and that any such march hadn't been approved. 

Liverpool offer no permission for March

It also added that the investigation would be carried out from a safety and security standpoint, with further action not ruled out. 

 “We are aware that a group that (normally) marches around the Anfield area in July, but we were not aware and have not approved this March on Saturday," the statement read.

“We have been informed that this march changes its route each year. Liverpool Football Club did not provide permission for this march to be held on the private property area in Anfield stadium.

“We will investigate this matter from a safety and security perspective and take any further appropriate actions.”

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