Liverpool have recalled 20-year-old but left manager with 'no information'

Liverpool have recall Calvin Ramsay from his loan at Preston North End but manager Ryan Lowe says they've been given 'no information'. The Reds have had to bring several players back from loans this month.

It seems Calvin Ramsay will return to Liverpool this month, even if the Reds haven't formally announced it yet. That's according to Preston North End boss Ryan Lowe.

"We've got no information on it yet, but Liverpool are calling him back," he said, per the Lancashire Evening Post. "We are just waiting on them to officially announce it, but he has gone back to Liverpool, yeah."

Lowe then moved to explain why Ramsay hasn't played much at all for Preston. He only had one start all season, with a second appearance coming as a substitute against Middlesbrough.

"He had been fit," said Lowe. "The first time he went back was for a setback, but he trained every day. He came back to us in November time and the last few weeks, when he was available, his fitness was fine.

"He had Covid obviously, but in terms of fitness - it was an issue because he wasn't fit enough to be selected early doors. He was then fit and available, coming up against Middlesbrough and starting against QPR. After that, he wasn't and it'd only been the last week or so he was back fit."

This certainly makes it sound as though Liverpool have been a little hasty with their recall here. Lowe appears to suggest that Ramsay's fitness has limited his opportunities.

Though, that's seemingly in contrast to recent comments from the manager where he suggested it was more that he didn't feel Ramsay could contribute.

"He's fit and training every day, but I have got to look for players who I feel can help - coming off the bench," he said two weeks ago. "I want more attacking players and we've got Ali [McCann] or [Alan Browne] who can fill that right-wing-back void - or even Liam Millar, swapping over to the other side."

Those comments highlight why Liverpool made the decision they did. If Ramsay isn't a regular, there's absolutely no point in him being at Preston - doing so will only harm his development.

Instead, Liverpol will almost certainly try and find a new club this month in what has unfortuantely become a theme.

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