Bayern star names Jurgen Klopp favourite as 'most UNDERRATED' player

Harry Kane believes Jordan Henderson is the ‘most underrated’ player he knows. The pair played together for England.

Harry Kane played word association with Goal this week, naming the players that came to mind with various phrases. It's pretty straightforward.

Speed? Kyle Walker.

Potential? Jamal Musiala.

Big-game player? Cristiano Ronaldo.

'Underrated' was an interesting one, though. The player that came to mind for Kane was former Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson.

The two of them have played together with England for years - the pair were both in contention for the captaincy, in fact. Their time in the same team clearly left an impression on Kane, who now feels Henderson is the underrated player.

So how true is that?

Jordan Henderson - underrated?

Yes, he is.

Henderson faced talk that he should be dropped and replaced from the Liverpool team for his entire spell at the club. He was overpriced when he arrived, too limited at his peak, and quickly past it by the end.

But the fact remains that Liverpool's greatest team since the 1980s had Henderson at the heart of it. The momentum, intensity and drive of Jurgen Klopp's side were encapsulated with the captain.

And it shouldn't be a shock that Liverpool lacked all of those things in the title race this season. Once things went against them, they collapsed. That's something that never happened with Henderson in the middle of the pitch and immediately came about once he was gone.

Is he an all-time great? No, we shouldn't go that far, certainly in terms of ability. But as a footballer, Henderson brought things to Liverpool that few could and they've missed him since he left.

In fact, finding a similar replacement on the pitch feels absolutely key right now. Liverpool lost their heads this season and that felt very un-Liverpool. Or at least, very un-Liverpool with Henderson in the middle.

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