Wife of Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson falsely accused in 'homicide' case due to mistaken identity

A woman being investigated in Brazil for homicide shares the same name as Alisson Becker's wife, Natalia Becker, leading to false accusations being levelled against the Liverpool goalkeeper's partner. 

Natalia Fabiana de Freitas Antonio operates a beauty clinic called Studio Natalia Becker in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and is reported to have handed herself into authorities on Wednesday following the death of a client.

Henrique Silva Chagas, 27, passed away after suffering suspected anaphylactic shock due to an allegeric reaction in the clinic on Monday, according to Globo.

The man was reported to have undergone a phenol peel, a type of anti-aging treatment, which is seen to carry risks, after which he fell ill and died.

Fabiana de Freitas Antonio, 29, initially was reported to have left the clinic after emergency services were summoned when Mr. Chagas began to experience pain.

The social media influencer, who boasted 200,000 followers before deactivating her accounts, claimed to be ill and heading to hospital before giving herself up to authorities for formal questioning later in the week.

The Civil Police are now investigating the case, which was initially categorised as a suspicious death, as a 'homicide'.

Gossip sites in Brazil following the tragedy published images of Natalia Becker, married to Alisson for the past nine years, and speculation grew that she had been involved in the incident.

Mrs Becker, a qualified doctor, was forced to clarify on her Instagram Stories that it was a case of mistaken identity and she had NO part to play in what unfolded.

“Clarification," she wrote. "I am not the ‘Natalia Becker’ named in the news about the beauty clinic. It’s another person who has the same name and last surname. No relation whatsoever.”

Fabiana de Freitas Antonio also owns clincis in Rio de Janeiro and Goiania.

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