Liverpool goal vs Toulouse should have stood per IFAB rules

Liverpool had an equaliser wrongly disallowed against Toulouse on Thursday evening. The Reds saw it ruled out for handball.

Liverpool thought they'd scored a stoppage-time equaliser against Toulouse on Thursday in the UEFA Europa League. Jarrel Quansah had the ball in the net - Liverpool's third of the night.

Only, confusion followed. The goal was initially given, but then checked. The referee then pointed to the centre-circle, signifying a goal - but then brought back to look at the screen.

He watched footage of Alexis Mac Allister several passages earlier as the ball bounced up onto his upper arm. This was deemed handball and enough to rule out the goal.

Only, it probably shouldn't have been.

As Sky Sports point out, IFAB rules state that accidental handball by a teammate shouldn't rule out a goal. In other words, if there's an accidental handball by someone other than the goalscorer, it should stand.

Few could argue that Mac Allister's handball was deliberate - it bounced onto his arm from his chest. So by the letter of the law, the goal should have stood and the Reds should have had a point.

Of course, that doesn't excuse Liverpool's shoddy performance. Nor does it change that a draw would have felt like a robbery as Toulouse were much the better team on the night.

But Liverpool did get a goal to equalise and one that it seems was perfectly good. Not the first time this season that the Reds have scored a legitimate goal only to have VAR rule it out, though. They're getting quite used to that.

It's easy to feel for Jarrel Quansah, too, as this would have been his first goal for the club. We can't imagine he'll have to wait too long before he gets another but he still saw a massive moment taken from him here.

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