'Emotional' Liverpool legend worries fans with shock doubts about his future

Liverpool captain Virgil van Dijk has thrown his future into doubt with surprise comments after the Netherlands lost to England at Euro 2024.

Virgil van Dijk suffered a massive blow on Wednesday as his Netherlands team lost 2-1 to England at Euro 2024. It's a defeat that clearly struck the Dutch captain - he was one game away from leading his country out in a final.

It's enough that Van Dijk wants to assess his future in football. That includes figuring out his Liverpool future, which is suddenly very unclear.

Van Dijk has one year left on his contract at Anfield, while the emotional toll of Jurgen Klopp's departure has clearly affected him. Now the legendary centre-back has a lot of thinking to do.

"I haven't the slightest idea right now," Van Dijk said, per Reuters as relayed by the Daily Mail.

"I will think carefully this summer about what I want at club level and as an international player. Then we'll go for it again, but first recover from this.

"After a season like this, where all kinds of things have happened, it gets emotional at the end because you know it's over."

Van Dijk considers his Liverpool future

This is a blow to hear. Of course, Van Dijk's future was always a little uncertain as his contract has a year to run and he's yet to sign a new one. Hearing him admit there's real doubt there, though, is concerning.

Liverpool can't really afford to lose their captain. He remains their star centre-back, their leader, and is in the running for their best overall player. There is no easy way to replace him.

Hopefully, then, this is just a tactic to put pressure on Liverpool in negotiations. That's the only positive way we can take this - so we're sticking to it for as long as we can.

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