F1 champion Sebastian Vettel reveals what he loves about Jurgen Klopp

Former Formula One racing driver and fellow German Sebastian Vettel has revealed he is a 'big fan' of Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp.

Liverpool have no shortage of famous fans from Daniel Craig to LeBron James to Damian Lewis to Angelina Jolie (supposedly). One more name to add to the list of celebrities with a soft spot for the Reds might just be former F1 champion Vettel, who is at the very least a big supporter of his countryman Klopp.

Speaking to Sky Sports, the four-time World Champion shared his affection for the departing Liverpool boss.

In the short clip, the 36-year-old says of Klopp: “He’s in a great seat, because he’s currently top of the table, very tight.

“I’m a big fan because he’s outspoken and I loved it when he came out and introduced himself as the normal one. I think that’s why he’s been taking off in the UK because he is what he is.

“He’s done some great work in Liverpool. To round it up it would be the perfect story if he were to succeed but deep down I don’t think it matters because ultimately he’s won and proven everything already.

“He felt he was ready to move on and I’m certain there’s lots of things he’ll miss but lots of things that he moves and looks forward to. Short term it might feel like that, that it’s so important, but long term I don’t think it will make a difference. I feel the club of Liverpool have embraced him already and he’ll be part of their story for years and years to come.”

Having retired from racing in 2022, Vettel has plenty of time on his hands to get himself down to Anfield, but he'll have to move quickly if he wants to catch a game before Klopp leaves. With just four home Premier League games left to play of the German's reign, opportunities are getting fewer and fewer by the week.

I'm sure Vettel would always be welcome to drive the bus for the end-of-season parade, however.

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