Liverpool legend under Klopp surprises with PL football shirt choice in Instagram post

Liverpool favourite Roberto Firmino surprised many with a seemingly random choice of football shirt in an Instagram post this week.

Roberto Firmino made a pretty generic post on Instagram this week - just a shot of him post-workout in a gym. It managed to gain some traction online, however, given his choice of shirt.

As points out by APLFC_ on X, Firmino was wearing a 2023/24 Burnley away shirt. It's a club he's never played for, never been linked to, nor is there any obvious connection there.

Burnley also aren't, with all due respect, a club that sees people flocking to wear their kit.

Even stranger, this won't have been a kit Firmino picked up after a match, given it's from last season and he left Liverpool in 2022. The Brazilian must have been gifted it or gone out to get it himself - either way, a surprising choice.

Firmino faced Burnley 11 times in the Premier League with Liverpool, scoring five times.

Roberto Firmino after Liverpool

It's possible that Firmino was merely picking a shirt to wear that wouldn't bring about rumours of an immediate transfer. This was something Borussia Dortmund's Mats Hummels pointed out a few weeks ago.

He trained in a Greece shirt, posting on Instagram with the captain "it's difficult to find a jersey for sports that doesn't cause any stupid rumours afterwards".

Firmino has been linked with a move away from Al-Ahli, who he captains. The talk came after a difficult season for the forward, who struggled for consistency in Saudi Arabia.

A limit on foreign players in the country means any superstar who underperforms is immediately linked with an exit. It seems Firmino will be sticking around there for a little longer, however.

In all, he finished with nine goals and seven assists last season. It's a decent tally but a fair ways off the form he managed in his final Premier League season - a much higher level, of course.

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