Man City relegation odds SLASHED with hearing set over 115 charges

Manchester City’s relegation odds have plummeted amid speculation around their 115 charges for misconduct.

Manchester City are a lot more likely to be relegated next season than Liverpool. At least, that's what bookies believe.

Bet365, for instance, currently have City at 25/1 odds to go down. They're remarkably low odds, given both Liverpool and Arsenal are at 2000/1.

Of course, no one expects City to play so badly that they're battling relegation next season. Instead, it's a comment on their 115 charges for misconduct - and a potential punishment awaiting them.

A date for their hearing has been set, as confirmed by Premier League chief Richard Masters, per The Times. However, the Premier League haven't actually made public what that date is.

But after witnessing Everton and Nottingham Forest face point deductions for just single charges, the feeling is that City could face a monumental punishment.

It's just speculation at this point but something truly crazy could be on the way.

So what does this mean for Liverpool?

Well, if City do face a gigantic points deduction, Liverpool could see a pretty nice path to the Premier League title. Though, with Arsenal a threat, it wouldn't be a clear path.

And that's the potential frustration here. If City do face 'just' a point deduction, then what about all the previous seasons? Liverpool finished behind City in the title race on record-breaking totals and while the charges aren't for the period including those finishes, it would mean their success was built on it.

However, Liverpool also finished behind City in 2014 - a season that is included in the charges. Would the Reds be entitled to anything on the back of it if City are found guilty? A Premier League title, perhaps?

All in all, it's an incredibly messy situation and one that won't be fixed easily, even with a massive one-season punishment. That hearing later this year will be very interesting to say the least.

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