Liverpool's next Champions League title just a few years away (according to AI)

For anyone fretting about a world after Jurgen Klopp, fear not! Liverpool's Champions League title number seven is on its way soon... according to 'AI' at least.

What on earth am I talking about, you cry?

A graphic has done the rounds on social media this week purporting to show all the Champions League winners until 2013 (random date to stop, I know) as deduced by 'AI' and Liverpool are among the clubs with silverware in their future.

There are number of good reasons to pick holes in this.

There is no apparent method explained for AI's choices, nor even an explanation of what AI programme was used, or who even asked it to do this. For all we know this is just the results of some bored kid simulating 100 seasons on Football Manager.

Still, probably, the biggest reason to be skeptical of this unspecified computer's footy predictions is the fact that Manchester United are tipped to be next season's Champions League winners. Yes, really.


Anyway, putting all of that to one side, the good(?) news for Liverpool is that they will lift three more European Cups in the next century, with the first coming in 2027, possibly under the stewardship of Ruben Amorim — book your days off work now!

After an 11-year wait, the Reds are back on top again in 2038 with their eighth title sandwiched in between maiden wins for Newcastle and Atletico Madrid.

Liverpool then face a hell of a barren spell, needing to wait another 45 years (sack the board!!) before lifting the big-eared cup in the Lord's year 2083, in a final presumably played in space by robots.

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AI hates Arsenal (pass it on)

Beyond the Reds, there are more than a few notable winners (and losers) over the next century.

From the years 2085 to 2087, the title is won by a trio of unlikely victors in Alaves, Brentford and Sheriff Tiraspol. So that's something to look forward if we still have a habitable planet by then.

Tottenham, Leicester, Wolves and Forest also all pick up wins along the way, while Rangers claim back-to-back titles in 2068 and 2069.

United's improbable crown in 2025 is their only victory over the next 100 years (unluckeeee Jim Ratcliffe), while there is absolutely no mention of Arsenal or Everton at all.

Put those bets on now (or better yet, don't).

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