Jurgen Klopp is now in contact over first post-Liverpool job; offer expected soon

Contact has been made with Jurgen Klopp over what could be his first post-Liverpool job. An offer will surely follow.

The Independent reports that US Soccer has made initial contact with Jurgen Klopp over replacing Greg Berhalter as their Men's National Team boss. Berhalter was sacked after an incredibly poor performance at the Copa America on home soil.

The US failed to get out of their group and actually lost to Panama. Change was essential, really, and they're now looking to go big with his replacement.

Klopp is their dream hire, who is currently out of a job after leaving Liverpool this summer. They've now made contact with the German as they hope to tempt him into a very different role.

But is it actually realistic? There are a couple of reasons why this one seems implausible - to say the least.

Jurgen Klopp to the US?

We're not entirely sure how possible this is, given Klopp was released early from his Liverpool contract on the understanding that he'd remain out of football. His contract was supposed to end in 2025, meaning that would be when he could take other jobs.

Germany, for instance, planned on using an interim manager until Klopp could take over. That was back before Julian Nagelsmann signed a new contract and ruled that one out, however.

So we're not sure if the US could actually hire Klopp this summer. Perhaps they're willing to wait a year, though, and have him firmly in place for the 2026 World Cup. Admittedly, Klopp is a manager you wait for - especially if he'd be the biggest hire you've ever made by far.

The other side of it, though, is whether Klopp has any interest in the job. Managing your own national team is one thing, especially when Germany do actually have a chance at competing for major trophies.

The US aren't exactly that, so we're not sure what the draw for Klopp would be. Perhaps he's after a job with fairly low pressure, though, and a complete change of pace from Liverpool.

We'll just have to see, then. It would be a strange one but if the US have made contact, perhaps they feel there's a good chance.

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