Club CONFIRMS game-changing talks with FSG in official statement

Bordeaux have confirmed talks with FSG ahead of a game-changing move for the Liverpool ownership group.

There has been plenty of talk in recent months about Liverpool owners FSG wanting to enter the world of multi-club ownership. Now there's official confirmation that it is the case.

Girondins de Bordeaux have released an official statement on talks, with FSG aiming to secure a majority stake in the French side. But it does come with complications.

Bordeaux were in Ligue 2 last season but suffered 'administrative relegation' after failing to keep their accounts in check. Now, the club are challenging the case with the DNCG - the organisation responsible for overseeing club finances in France.

Their hope will be that FSG can buy the club, correct the finances and avoid relegation to the French third tier. Right now, though, that won't be the case and Bordeaux are set for relegation.

Here's a translation of the full statement:

"FC Girondins de Bordeaux continues its discussions with Fenway Sports Group ahead of the DNCG appeal commission.

"During the hearing on June 27, the DNCG had deferred its decision on FC Girondins de Bordeaux in order to provide all necessary guarantees for the financing of the 2024-2025 season. At present, the progress of the case has led the DNCG to pronounce the relegation of the club to Championnat National 1.

"The club is appealing this decision and now has the necessary time to finalize one of the options that will guarantee the financing of the next season.

"As such, the project to transfer a majority share of the capital to Fenway Sports Group was presented this morning to the DNCG in the presence of its representatives, and we are working hand in hand with them as part of the ongoing negotiations and due diligence."

FSG in talks with Bordeaux

Multi-club ownership is an incredibly divisive but ever-growing part of football. It sees owners control several clubs, usually to the primary benefit of one.

That would be Liverpool, in this situation, with Bordeaux used as either a feeder club or as a way for FSG to get a hold of youngsters when the Reds can't. Liverpool can't, after all, sign players under 18 from clubs based in the EU.

Bordeaux could, however, and that's just one 'benefit' of this structure.

The negatives are entirely moral - and there has been pushback against multi-club ownership. In fact, there's been pushback from within France.

Time will tell how this one goes.

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