Darwin Nunez confirms he's finally TAKING Liverpool's advice

Darwin Nunez is finally taking advice handed out to him by Liverpool. The Uruguayan has had his problems.

Darwin Nunez made a few headlines earlier this month as he deleted all LFC-related content from his social media. It felt like a message - essentially, that he was done with it all.

Now, whether that meant Liverpool or just social media was unclear. But in the aftermath, reports suggested that he'd long been told by those at the club to ignore social media.

“Darwin Nunez has been told numerous times by people at Liverpool to ignore that kind of thing," James Pearce told the Athletic's Walk On podcast. "Don’t even look at it.

"I think especially last season, when things were tough, he was reading stuff online and it was really hurting him.”

Well, it seems Nunez is entirely taking that thinking on board now. He talked to ESPN this week about the reaction of fans - and revealed that he 'now' doesn't look at any social media.

"I never look at the negative comments on social networks - at least now I'm not looking at anything, not even the good," he said. "If I do badly in a game, I support myself with my family."

Darwin Nunez off social media

It is unquestionably the right decision. It's the right decision for any player, let alone one who draws the kind of reactions that Nunez does.

The striker doesn't need that extra noise whatsoever and hopefully, this is a sign of a positive change in mentality. Not that Nunez was crying out for that, but that's undoubtedly a good thing for both the player and the club.

A more focused, controlled Nunez would be a dream, in all honesty. We'll hope that this is a step in that direction and that next season sees him move up a level as a result.

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