Liverpool told they now have a 'much better player' than the one they signed in 2023

One of Liverpool’s 2023 signings will improve next season - his father is convinced of it. Here’s exactly why.

Ryan Gravenberch had a mixed season, it's fair to say. At his best, he was fantastic and Liverpool clearly have a wonderfully talented player on their books.

But a mix of injuries and poor form kept Gravenberch from holding down a starring role. Still, it was a great improvement over the Dutchman's spell at Bayern Munich.

His father certainly sees it that way, claiming his son improved by '50%' under Jurgen Klopp.

“Klopp has been very good to Ryan," Gravenberch senior told ESPN. "He was helpful and nice, but on the other hand he could also be tough, and he sometimes put Ryan on the bench in important matches. That’s right, he plays in the world top.

“I think he is at least 50% better now than he was then. He has become even stronger and fitter. The pace at which Liverpool plays is really not normal. Everything goes much faster and that has done him very well. Ryan always has to give something extra at Liverpool and that has made him a much better player.”

Gravenberch could improve

But Gravenberch's dad feels his son is going to get even better under new manager Arne Slot. His compatriot's playing style if simply more-suited to the 22-year-old.

“Although he loved playing under Klopp, Slot’s playing style suits Ryan a little better," he said. "Slot plays more like Manchester City and Arsenal. Under Klopp, Liverpool played more directly. Slot’s game suits Ryan better from Ajax’s training.”

He might be right, too. Liverpool won't play with quite as high a tempo going forward, with more emphasis placed on possession than intensity.

There are certain players who might not like that change but Gravenberch is one who almost certainly will. It's what he grew up on, after all, while he's also a player who is at his best with a bit more time to think.

His first season was a positive one - but it might be about to get even better.

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