Liverpool and Arne Slot put an immediate end to Jurgen Klopp-era staple

Liverpool and Arne Slot have put an end to a pre-season staple under Jurgen Klopp. Things are already beginning to change.

Liverpool won't be doing their famed lactate test in pre-season anymore. It was a true staple under Jurgen Klopp, with the Reds using the test to judge player fitness ahead of the season.

The lactate test works by having players run at a series of intensities and intervals. Machines track their levels of lactic acid and once it's above a certain level, they drop out of the test.

The results essentially showed who the fittest player in the squad was. James Milner built a reputation with the test, finishing as the last man standing on virtually every occasion.

It was something Liverpool did regularly under Klopp, with a break from it in 2022. Now, though, the Reds have moved onto something different.

As highlighted by STATsports on X, the new staff have players running a 6MRT (6-minute race test). It's pretty straightforward - players run around a track for six minutes, with their total distance covered an indicator of their fitness levels.

The test measures very similarly to the lactate test but it's a different way of doing things. And really, it's our very first example of a change under Arne Slot and company.

Changes under Arne Slot

This will be the first of many changes, of course. They'll be tactical, technical and with personnel - and could mean we see a very different Liverpool next season.

Of course, Slot won't want to change too much. Liverpool were very successful under Klopp and the hope will be that he can build on the previous work with new ideas rather than tear it all up.

But we're in for an exciting season as a result, with pre-season giving us our first look at what's to come.

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