‘Top, top level’; England star Liverpool ‘really like’ is in awe of Anfield - despite his Everton links

England star - and former Everton graduate - Anthony Gordon has talked up Anfield in a new video.

Everton fans aren’t exactly happy with Anthony Gordon anyway, thanks to the way he forced through a move to Newcastle United. But the winger has found another way to win them up.

Channel 4 produced a TikTok video this week where they asked several England stars for the best atmosphere they've played in. One stadium kept cropping up - Anfield.

Declan Rice, Conor Gallagher, and Kieron Trippier all named Liverpool's stadium. Gallagher went as far as calling it 'special', and admitting that You'll Never Walk Alone gives his goosebumps pre-match.

But the most notable comments came from Gordon - who pretty emphatically said that Anfield was the best. However, he did throw in a token 'other than St James's'.

"Yeah, other than St. James's, it's Anfield by far," said Gordon. "I think because I'm from the city, it's probably like I grew up watching it.

"But I just think before the game when they sing You'll Never Walk Alone, it's top, top level."

Anthony Gordon loves Anfield

In a lot of ways, this shouldn't be a shock. Gordon grew up a Liverpool fan and was on the books when he was very young before moving to Everton.

And now that he's left the Toffees, he doesn't seem particularly shy about it all. It's an interesting one, too, as Liverpool reportedly want to sign him.

Now, the chances of that happening this summer are essentially zero but the Athletic's David Ornstein says the Reds 'really like' Gordon. The only thing standing in their way, it seems, is Newcastle's complete reluctance to sell.

But next summer? Somewhere down the line? It's a real possibility as Gordon quite blatantly has a soft spot for the club.

It's one that could see him playing at Anfield every other week.

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