Elite Liverpool prospect with just 30 PL minutes is SHOCK Euro 2024 inclusion

Liverpool’s Ben Doak is a shock inclusion in Scotland’s provisional squad for Euro 2024. The winger has just 30 Premier League minutes TOTAL.

Former Liverpool assistant manager Steve Clarke announced his provisional squad for Scotland's Euro 2024 campaign on Wednesday. There was one complete shock inclusion: Ben Doak.

The teenager is uncapped at senior level and while his Under 21 performances have been brilliant, Doak has virtually no senior experience even at club level. He's missed most of this season through injury, in fact.

His total Premier League minutes - including both this season and last season - tally to just 30. Doak's total number of league appearances totals five, which includes three Premier League and two Scottish Premiership games with Celtic.

In other words, Doak is about as untested as it gets but Clarke wants to have a look at him ahead of the tournament. Of course, it could well be that the Scotland boss simply wants the 18-year-old to get some experience around the squad, with little to no intention of actually including him.

Then again, it's a shock that he's even in the provisional squad. What's one more surprise?

Ben Doak's future

Doak's future is incredibly bright and he'd have played an awful lot more this season if not for injury. He essentially held the role of Mohamed Salah's primary backup - he just wasn't able to fill that role often.

But this is a sign of just how big his reputation is, both at Liverpool and with Scotland. The sense is that he's one of the brightest prospects in Britain and fast-tracking him into senior football is merely a case of not wasting time - everyone knows he's going to make it eventually, so why wait?

Massive, elite prospects have certainly come and gone before without living up to their potential. With Doak, however, everyone appears dead certain that he will make it.

And that might mean giving him international tournament experience this summer.

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