How fans reacted to released VAR audio for Luis Diaz offside

The PGMOL have released the audio of conversations between referee and VAR officials during Luis Diaz's offside goal decision last Saturday.

And it's just as wild as you might expect.

After the PGMOL admitted 'significant human error' led to the incorrect call in Liverpool's controversial defeat to Spurs, Liverpool requested access to the audio for transparency over how it actually happened.

The audio was handed over to the club on Tuesday and later made public, causing quite a stir online.

The recording shows in excruciating detail how messy things got in the VAR room as Darren England realised his error, but rejected calls to attempt to delay the game and intervene.

Several subtitled stills from the footage (not least the immortal words from referee Simon Hooper: "Well done boys. Good process") are already on their way to full meme status in the pantheon of Football Twitter.

Here's how Liverpool fans reacted to the latest instalment in one of the craziest and most infuriating episodes in living memory.

If you can't laugh...

Meanwhile, only one man came out of the whole thing with a shred of credibility...


To add insult to injury, the Reds were also hit with a rejection on the appeal they made to have Curtis Jones' red card from the game overturned.

What an evening...

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