Liverpool fans name the bigger game: Man United or Arsenal - poll results

Liverpool fans have picked the bigger upcoming game - Man United or Arsenal. Thousands respoeded to the Anfield Watch poll.

Liverpool have two enormous fixtures coming up, with the first coming tomorrow as Man United visit Anfield - always one of the very biggest of the season. But next Saturday, Arsenal make the trip to Merseyside and the Gunners are firmly in the title race with the Reds.

So which game is actually bigger for Liverpool? Both are massive, of course, but for slightly different reasons.

The United game is against possibly the Reds' biggest rivals and represents a chance to pile an incredible amount of misery on them. Winning the fixture at any time is a fantastic event - especially when it finishes 7-0. Probably shouldn't expect that this time.

But the Arsenal fixture might be even bigger. Liverpool sit at the top of the Premier League but the Gunners are in second, just one point behind. Manchester City's draw with Crystal Palace offers an opportunity for either side to move a decent way clear, too.

We asked Liverpool fans on X what they thought and over 7000 responded to the short poll on Saturday. Fans also left absolutely no doubt what the consensus is here, either.

An incredible 76.4 per cent picked the Arsenal game as the bigger of the two. That left the United fixture with a mere 23.6 per cent.

It's a result that highlights a few things. Firstly, that Liverpool fans are firmly focused on the title race right now and see the Reds as competitive. What a change that is from last season.

But it also shows just how far apart Liverpool and United feel right now. They haven't truly been on the same level for a little while now but it's clear that fans don't feel that game pulls much sway in the title race at all.

Though, you've got to imagine that part of it comes down to how nice it is to say there are bigger fish to fry than Manchester United. Never gets old.

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