Liverpool expected to provide 'huge budget' to new manager

Liverpool are expected to provide a 'huge budget' to their new manager, according to one financial expert. The Reds have work to do in 2024.

Football finance expert Kieran Maguire has given his take on the finances at Liverpool this summer as they build around a new manager. Jurgen Klopp will leave Anfield at the end of the season, sparking the biggest change at Anfield since 2015.

Maguire believes Liverpool will have the resources to fully back their new boss - principally because of the smart spending under Klopp. There should be a budget that few in the 'top six' can compete with, in fact.

“When it comes to the transfer market, Liverpool have been one of the leading clubs when it comes to spending smart rather than spending big,” Maguire told Football Insider. “They have also been very good at generating money from player sales.

“Put those two factors together, and the new coach in the summer will inherit a huge budget thanks to their flexibility in terms of FFP. That isn’t necessarily matched by their rival clubs in the Big Six."

Of course, Manchester City always have plenty to spend but outside of them, Liverpool could be in a very strong position. Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur don't have similar funds available, while Newcastle United and Chelsea have FFP issues.

Manchester United will likely want to spend big after an ownership change but they look very unlikely to secure Champions League football next season. As a result, Liverpool do have a chance to steal a march on rivals in the summer.

But there's another strength at Liverpool - they shouldn't need to spend all that much. The Reds have a deep squad right now and one that's actually very young. No incoming manager needs to overhaul this squad, in other words.

Instead, any 'huge budget' can go towards true quality in one or two positions - if the new boss feels it's needed. The important part here is offering that opportunity to any new manager and it appears Liverpool will give them that.

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