Liverpool BLAME Nike for new kit controversy - and they've got proof

Liverpool claim Nike are to blame for the controversy around their new kit for the 2024/25 campaign. The Reds feel they have proof, too.

Liverpool announced their new kit for the 2024/25 season on Thursday. However, whether the kit is actually nice or not wasn't the top of discussion in the wake of that announcement.

Instead, people talked about the price - and with good reason.

The move to Nike as a kit manufacturer also brought about a change in how the shirts are sold. There are two varieties of adult kits - the 'standard' version and the 'matchday' version. The former is essentially a watered-down and cheaper version of the latter.

Well, the standard for next season will cost £80, which is up on £75 for the current kit. The youth version jumps from £55 to £60, too, but Liverpool claim this isn't their decision.

Nike have set a non-negotiable price-hike as their suggested retail price. Liverpool, though, are actually selling the shirt under that price - the hikes Nike 'suggest' are quite a bit higher.

They wanted the adult shirt sold at £85 and the youth at £65. And that's before we even get to the matchday prices.

Now, Liverpool are charging £125 for the adult matchday shirt, which is the MSRP set by Nike. The youth match shirt was supposed to be the same price, says the American company, but the club will instead sell it for £100.

And so, per the Athletic, Liverpool are pointing to the lower prices to 'prove' they're not to blame for all of this. Nike dramatically increased their prices (around 20% on youth shirts) and the Reds will absorb some of that cost themselves by retailing for less.

Liverpool to leave Nike

Of course, Liverpool will reportedly ditch Nike soon after claims they've agreed a deal to return to Adidas. Now, Adidas are hardly the perfect company but that will hopefully lead to better prices - Manchester United's shirts are quite a bit cheaper, for instance.

And honestly, Liverpool throwing Nike under the bus like this does suggest they're off somewhere else. It can't come too soon, either.

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