Arne Slot set to replace Jurgen Klopp in MORE than just Liverpool hot seat

Arne Slot to Liverpool is imminent with news that he’s to replace Jurgen Klopp in more than one way this summer.

The next Liverpool boss hasn't been announced yet but it's not exactly a secret. Arne Slot will take up the mantle - he's even talking about it publicly.

"It's not quite done yet, but it will be a matter of days," Slot said this week.

"It takes more than a simple shopping list and going to the store. These kinds of things have to be timed properly. It hasn't been communicated yet, but don't worry, it will undoubtedly happen soon."

So yes, he's the next manager. It's debatable whether he should be talking about it quite so openly but at least it's put all the speculation to bed.

Though, we've all been made to wait. Reports that Slot was the chosen one broke weeks ago, with little in the way of an update since.

But a new report from the Mirror makes it pretty clear that he's all but signed the deal. We even know where he'll live.

Arne Slot to move into Jurgen Klopp's house

That's right - Slot will actually move into Jurgen Klopp's house as the German moves out. The Mirror say removal vans are already in flow in Formby and the new owner is confirmed.

This continues a pattern, actually, as the previous owner of the house was Brendan Rodgers, who Klopp replaced in 2015. Before that, it was Steven Gerrard.

A house with a rich lineage within Liverpool Football Club, then. Hopefully, Slot can live up to it as he follows in the footsteps of two true legends of the club, along with a manager who delivered one of the most memorable and entertaining seasons we've ever seen.

Fingers crossed on all of that, then, as we wait to see what Slot can bring.

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