Liverpool announce 'documentary like no other' following Jurgen Klopp's final season

Liverpool FC have confirmed that filming is already underway on a multi-episode documentary series tracking Jurgen Klopp's final season at the club.

The series, which will be produced by Lorton Entertainment, is set for release at the conclusion of the 2023/24 campaign.

With the Reds still chasing success in four competitions (Premier League, Europa League, FA Cup and League Cup), as well it being the 'last dance' for Klopp's Liverpool, the series promises to be a highly anticipated look behind the scenes at a historic moment in the club's history.

Klopp has, somewhat famously, vetoed previous attempts to allow cameras for a fly-on-the-wall-style documentary. However, reports prior to the announcement of the upcoming series claim he has since mellowed in his stance.

In the announcement of the series, Klopp is quoted as saying (via “With this being my final season I thought we should provide a rare opportunity for viewers to have more of an inside look at what makes this club so special: its people, from our fans to our players and those who work so hard behind the scenes, constantly in pursuit of success for Liverpool Football Club.

“Thanks to this new documentary series viewers will be able to see what I see every day at this great club, and understand those amazing people more.”


In addition to a providing access behind the scenes of Liverpool's 2023/24 season, the documentary also promises to "delve into LFC’s rich history, its profound connection with its supporters, and provide first-hand insights into what makes the club, including its men’s and women’s teams, a success on and off the pitch."

Drew Crisp, senior vice president of digital at Liverpool, said of the project: “This exciting new multi-episodic documentary will be unique and show the real authentic side of the club.

“It will not only delve into its rich history and its unrivalled connection with its supporters, but will also explore what makes Liverpool Football Club succeed, on and off the pitch. We’re delighted to have the full backing of Jürgen and everyone across the club.

“This will be a football club documentary series like no other.”

While the production will be filmed and directed by Lorton Entertainment — makers of the Diego Maradona movie, the Steven Gerrard film, Make Us Dream — there is no indication yet which streaming platform, or broadcaster, will have the rights to the series.

Information including the number and length of episodes, the series director and exact release date, is also as yet unknown

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