Liverpool 3rd kit 2024/25 design leaked; claim now backed up

The design for the Liverpool 2024/25 3rd kit has supposedly been leaked early. The Reds will be wearing grey, it seems.

Footy Headlines claim to have their hands on leaks of Liverpool's 2024/25 3rd kit. They believe it'll be white with shades of 'pure platinum' (which is just grey, it turns out) with black, red and yellow detailing.

There will be the dual Nike Swoosh, too, with red and yellow - but it'll also be vertical. That's something Nike will do for all of their 'Elite teams' next season.

FH are almost always spot on when it comes to these things and they've naturally created a mockup of the kit with help from LFCDZN11 on X.

Of course, the exact detailing here could be different on the final product but the track record here is good. And for a little extra verification, Fumler Rawk - who also boasts a fantastic track record with kit leaks - has verified what FH are putting out.

He's created his own mockup, too, but believe the FH one is likely closer to reality. But as you can see, the general aesthetic is pretty much identical.

White has long been a natural colour for Liverpool's away and third kits. It is, after all, essentially the club's secondary colour after Red. They'll be going with something pretty traditional this year, then.

And for a taste of the potential home kit, you can click here.

Liverpool are expected to return to pinstripes next season - something last seen in the 2019/20 title-winning kit. That was in itself a homage to classic Bob Paisley-era kits from the Reds' ultimate glory years.

The twist with the home kit, though, is that the pinstripes will spell out YNWA - something you're unlikely to see on kits elsewhere, then. The collar also evokes memories of the 2013/14 'nearly' season with Steven Gerrard, Daniel Sturridge and Luis Suarez leading the way.

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