Leaked Liverpool 2024/25 away shirt confirmed by reliable source

Reliable leaks of the 2024/25 Liverpool away shirt have been released online, with a major difference between the replica fan and official player jerseys. 

There have been various leaks over the past few months regarding Liverpool's away kit for next season, but recent images show the authentic Nike shirt as opposed to previous photos of fake jerseys with the same design.

The leaks come from Liverpool shirt expert KB2x on X and are corroborated by reliable website Footy Headlines, who are incredibly well respected within the football shirt community.

The Reds' 2024/25 away shirt boasts a simple design with a "dark anthracite" base and teal sleeve cuffs, with a white badge and sponsor. It most closely resembles Liverpool's third shirt from the 2019/20 title-winning season.

However, writing about the new images of the Liverpool shirt, Footy Headlines state: "The colors are a bit too dark and bluish due to the setting, but both are genuine Nike products."

In the above image, the shirt featured on the left-hand side is the authentic player specification shirt, which will be worn by the club's players next season.

That jersey will feature intricate details and patterning when viewed close up, as is often the case with modern player issue shirts, but the official fan replica jersey will be plain.

There have also been leaks covering what Liverpool's home and third shirt will look like for the 2024/25 season, but images released so far only show counterfeit shirts with the correct designs as opposed to authentic Nike products.

Next season's home shirt boasts a far more detailed design than this year's, with yellow pinstripes, a bold white collar and a unique background behind the club badge.

The third shirt is white with yellow and red trimmings, but has a sideways Nike swoosh - a feature of a number of 2024/25 kits by the manufacturer.

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