Kylian Mbappe to Liverpool talk has Premier League striker asking one question

Kylian Mbappe to Liverpool talk has Michail Antonio asking one question. Links between the two refuse to go away.

Could Liverpool actually sign Kylian Mbappe? It sounds a little bit insane, given the Reds have literally never been in the market for such a player. Or at least, they've never successfully signed one of the world's most in-demand players.

And Mbappe pretty much is the most in-demand player on the planet. He's out of contract in the summer and is expected to leave Paris Saint-Germain. Real Madrid have been consistently linked with him for years - but talk that Liverpool are in the mix never goes away.

Le Parisien is the latest to claim he could head to Anfield. Again, it feels a little bit unbelievable and there's at least one major question about it that needs answering.

West Ham United's Michail Antonio has asked it on his Footballer's Football podcast. He wants to know how exactly Liverpool would afford to pay Mbappe's contract.

"I’m going to ask you a question: I don’t want the Liverpool fans firing shots," said Antonio. "I’m going to ask you a question, you’re going to answer it and then I’m going to answer. Can Liverpool pay the salary?"

Antonio's co-host, Rickie Haywood-Williams is a Liverpool fan and admitted it's not exactly the Reds' style to pay enormous money for players.

"They [Liverpool] put £100m down for [Moises] Caicedo, but I’m not talking about the fee," Antonio went on to say. "I’m talking wages.

"The guy is coming on a free. Wherever he lands, I’m saying nothing less than £500,000 a week. I feel he is going to leave PSG."

It is worth considering that Liverpool are paying Mohamed Salah around £400k each week. No, that's not quite £500k but it's still an enormous amount.

But paying two players that kind of money would certainly be a first and remarkably few clubs on the planet could do it. Are Liverpool one of them? Probably not, let's be honest, but the reports that they're willing refuse to go away.

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