Kostas Tsimikas shares hilarious James Milner image on social media

James Milner turned 36 years of age on Tuesday as the evergreen midfielder marks another year of playing at the highest level.

He might not feature for the Reds as much as he once did but he remains a big part of the squad and obviously a vocal and respected presence in the dressing room.

Of course, there are players higher up in the pecking order compared to him in terms of selection these days but few probably command the respect that he does as he continues to cut the ultimate figure of professionalism.

A likeable figure, it's clear he also has a fan in the shape of full back Kostas Tsimikas with the Greek international sharing this image on Instagram and as shared by us here at Anfield Watch:


Anfield Watch Verdict

Our superhero knowledge isn't perfect but we're pretty sure that that's Iron Man that has James Milner's face on top and it's probably a fair description of a player that has proven so reliable and available over the years, whilst others pick up injuries for the fun of it.

It's testament to the way Milner has looked after himself that he remains a Premier League footballer now at the age of 36, with him regularly winning fitness tests at Kirkby during pre-season.

You have to say, too, it's probably not going to be his last year involved in the Premier League either, so you have to give him massive credit for continually proving himself and pushing himself on at a huge club like Liverpool.

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