Jurgen Klopp weighs in on Chelsea ownership following government ban

Jurgen Klopp has given his opinion on Chelsea's situation after the government sanctioned their owner, Roman Abramovich.

Chelsea have been hit hard by a government license after their owner, Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich, was sanctioned due to his involvement in the current war against Ukraine.

Klopp and Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel have spoken fondly about each other in the past and are both good friends.

Both of them have managed Mainz 05 and Borussia Dortmund in the past and they struck up a friendship during their time managing in the Bundesliga.

Speaking in his pre-Brighton press conference, as cited by Anfield Watch, Klopp was asked about the situation regarding Chelsea, to which he responded by agreeing with the sanctions.

"I don't speak to him that often. The Chelsea employees are not responsible for what is happening," said Klopp.

"One man is responsible for that, and it's Vladimir Putin.

"I don't know about Roman Abramovich's role in all of this but you can say he is close [to Putin]. I think what the Government did is right."


Anfield Watch Verdict

This has been a huge talking point amongst everyone this past week. Sponsors have been dropping Chelsea and Nike, their kit manufacturer, are also considering walking away due to the controversy, as cited by Absolute Chelsea.

Tuchel has surprisingly remained very composed during this debacle and he still remains 100 per cent committed to the Chelsea project he signed up for.

Currently, Chelsea are not allowed to sell tickets to games, they're not allowed to sell merchandise and any money from selling the club will not go to Abramovich.

This could mean if Chelsea reaches either the FA Cup final or Champions League final then they might not have any fans in attendance.

Thankfully this situation isn't happening to Liverpool and we can sit back and watch it unfold without worrying about the future of our club.

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