Jurgen Klopp seeks to give clarity on false positives fiasco at Liverpool

Liverpool, all being well now, will take on Arsenal tomorrow evening in the EFL Cup as they finally get their tie against the Gunners underway.

The Reds take on the men from the Emirates at Anfield in the first-leg, with the original first-leg scheduled to be played at their ground on the 6th, before it was postponed.

Indeed, a number of positive covid tests led to the call for the game to be called off, though Liverpool boss Klopp has since revealed that a number of those tests were actually 'false positives.'

As always seems to be the case, people threw their arms in the air and toys out the pram at this admission as if Liverpool had done something obscene, and Klopp has used his press conference pre-Arsenal to shed light on what the situation actually was:

"A false positive is a positive test - but when you do a re-test, you get a negative result, so it looks like a false positive."

Anfield Watch Verdict

Hopefully, this will be last we hear of the situation involving false positives and whatnot.

The Reds have done everything by the book and have never sought to postpone a game before during this pandemic, despite some of the strife that has come their way.

Hopefully, this now draws a line under what really was being made a mountain out of a molehill.

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