Jurgen Klopp questions VAR verdict on Martin Odegaard handball

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp shared his bemusement at his side's lack of a penalty during the 1-1 draw with Arsenal at Anfield on Saturday.

Speaking to Sky Sports following the game, the German admitted he's looking forward to an explanation as to why Gunners captain Martin Odegaard wasn't punished for an obvious handball during the first half of the top-of-the-table clash.

"Yes I have seen it," Klopp said. "I'm pretty sure someone will come to explain it to me why it was not a handball but I don't know how?"

As Trent Alexander-Arnold's deflected free-kick was flicked on by Mohamed Salah, the Norwegian, standing just inside the penalty area, leant into the ball before flicking it away with his left hand.

On-field referee Chris Kavanagh waved for play to continue, with Arsenal breaking on the counter-attack and a VAR review ongoing.

However, officials at Stockley Park eventually deemed it was not a clear and obvious error that needed overturning and Kavanagh wasn't asked to review the decision.

"I don't say that the ref can see it because I don't know where he was in that moment," said Klopp, before asking: "But how can a guy in an office see that and not come to the conclusion that maybe, possibly it could be worth the referee having another look?"

Very 'fortunate'

At the time of the incident, former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher, on punditry duty for Sky Sports at Anfield, said he thought the Arsenal captain was "very fortunate" to escape punishment.

"I think that’s a penalty," he said.

This view was echoed during the half-time break by former Arsenal man Theo Walcott, who said he'd "want that" if it was his team.

However, the saving grace for Odegaard, according to Sky Sports co-commentator Gary Neville, was that there was a "slip".

"That right leg is giving way which means his left arm goes down. I think that’s what saves him. I think he’s lucky but it might be that his foot gives way which means he puts his arm down to try and rebalance and that saves him."

The incident left Liverpool fans incensed at the time, with the team trailing 0-1 to Gabriel's early header.

However, Salah eventually levelled the scores moments after the incident with an excellent finish.

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