Jurgen Klopp may have given two clues about his next job

Jurgen Klopp may have given some clues to his next job, according to a report. The German will step down from Liverpool in the summer.

An article from the Athletic has detailed two possible jobs Jurgen Klopp could aim for after leaving Liverpool. The boss will step down once the season ends - a shock announcement on Friday explained everything.

Essentially, Klopp needs a break. He feels he can no longer operate at the highest level, lacking the energy to push the team towards Champions League trophies and the like.

He expects to take around a year out of the game before stepping back in - but where? Klopp has already made it clear he won't manage another English side, while it feels unlikely he'd take a Bundesliga job, either.

Teams like Paris Saint-Germain aren't really his style, while it's not clear if something like Real Madrid would appeal.

One job that would appeal to him, however, is the German National Team role. “If I am to do this one day,” he said in the past, “I need to be available. I’m not at the moment. I have a responsibility towards [Liverpool].”

Now the Athletic wonders if Klopp is actually aiming for the role. After all, he won't have any responsibilities in the way should they come calling ahead of the next World Cup.

On top of that, they point out that he's currently building a house 'in Wiesbaden, near Frankfurt'. Klopp's desire to 'spend more time with his first grandchild' is also a sign that a national team job, particularly in Germany, could be exactly what he's looking for.

The report states that such plans 'offer clues to his personal and professional futures'. While it's entirely possible that Klopp is only thinking about the next year in terms of future plans, his moves do appear to point in one direction.

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