Jurgen Klopp discusses 'building Liverpool 2.0' and why Germany job 'doesn't fit'

Jurgen Klopp has insisted he is committed to 'building Liverpool 2.0' as he discussed why he was never in contention to take over as Germany national team manager.

Klopp was named among on the DFB's (German FA's) initial shortlist of potential candidates to succeed the recently fired Hansi Flick as Germany head coach going into next summer's home European Championships.

Some reports even put Klopp as the DFB's 'favourite' to take over, although the idea of his appointment was always more fantasy than reality.

Klopp's own agent rejected any possibility of his client taking the job while still contracted to Liverpool, while it now appears that Julian Nagelsmann – formerly of Bayern Munich – is to be appointed imminently.

Now speaking to German outlet RTL, Klopp backed the 36-year-old manager to succeed with Die Mannschaftt, if he is given the job.

“I think Julian is a great solution because he is a great coach. I would be very happy about it – if it happens that way,” said Klopp.

The Reds boss, who is the Premier League's longest-serving current manager, also outlined the reasons why he was never a realistic candidate for Germany, stressing that his heart is in Liverpool.

Klopp said: "We’re building Liverpool 2.0 here, we want to attack again and not just look at how much longer can we go on.

"I have a loyalty to Liverpool. My heart is here in Liverpool. You can’t just cut out the eight years. I signed a contract here and, as far as I can remember, I wasn’t drugged or tied up and had to sign with my mouth. That was a free decision. And that’s why it doesn’t fit."

Klopp, who joined Liverpool in the autumn of 2015, signed a contract extension back in 2022 that will see him remain at Anfield until 2026.

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Speaking earlier this summer, Klopp didn't rule out the option of managing Germany one day in the future, but insisted he won't cut his club contract short in order to take on the 'interesting' role.

"The problem that stands in the way of the whole thing is my loyalty," Klopp told Sky Germany. "I can't just leave Liverpool now and say I'll take over Germany for a short time. That doesn't work and the request isn't even there.

"If I'm supposed to do that at some point, then I have to be available and I'm not currently. I have a responsibility towards the club.

"Basically, it's an interesting job. But I don't know yet whether I'll do something completely different after I leave Liverpool. I want to keep my options open."

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