Jurgen Klopp issues frank demand after tragedy chanting at Luton

Jurgen Klopp has demanded for the immediate stop of tragedy chanting after Liverpool fans were subjected to such taunts during last weekend's clash at Luton Town.

Fans were heard mocking the Hillsborough disaster from the stands during the contest - something which was called out live on Sky Sports by Jamie Carragher, and subsequently gained the attention of national media.

Luton released a club statement in midweek condemning the chanting, launching an internal investigation and apologising "to anyone offended by the chants".

And now, writing in his programme notes ahead of this weekend's game against Brentford, Klopp has followed up on his post-match comments from Kenilworth Road to reiterate his hardened stance on tragedy chanting.

“Unfortunately, I have to talk once again about the problem of tragedy chanting," he said.

"Usually, I do not want to do this because I am worried that in doing so I am giving attention to people who do not deserve it. But I also know that there are people who I have a duty to stand beside and who I want to stand beside and this applies especially to the Hillsborough families and survivors and anyone else who has been affected by football tragedy.

“This is not about any particular club or any particular group of fans. It is about football as a whole and how we look after and protect those who are in need of our support.

"When we had an issue with a particular chant which caused pain to our LGBT+ supporters and others, we listened to those it affected and did what we could to make it clear that it was not acceptable. The situation with tragedy chanting should be no different.

“All we have to do is listen to those it affects, particularly as in this case they are people who have already suffered far too much and should not suffer any more, and make sure that it stops – now."

This comes after Luton manager Rob Edwards apologised for the tragedy chanting directed at Reds fans, doing so during his pre-match press conference on Friday.

"A statement has gone out from the football club and I want to apologise as well," Edwards said.

"We don't condone that, of course, and there's an investigation going on at the moment."

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