Jurgen Klopp clarifies why he doesn’t want fans to sing his song during matches

Will Castle
10 months ago

Jurgen Klopp has pleaded with Liverpool supporters to hold off from singing his song until after the game, instead insisting that fans direct all their support towards those on the pitch during the 90 minutes.

Reds fans have become accustomed to hearing Klopp's name chanted around Anfield, often in the form of his trademark song 'I'm so Glad (That Jurgen is a Red)', sung to the tune of the famous Beatles track 'I Feel Fine'.

However, Klopp has now 'politely requested' for the Anfield faithful to resist expressing their adoration for the Liverpool boss during games, and in turn put all their energy into cheering on the players.

This is an issue that has cropped up on a couple of occasions in recent times, most notably during the Bournemouth win, which saw Klopp react somewhat angrily to the chants of his name.

Writing in his programme notes ahead of this weekend's clash with Aston Villa, the Reds manager reiterated his desire for fans to not sing his song during matches.

However, he was also sure to express his 'gratitude' for the love and support shown to him by the Kop.

On his song, Klopp said: “The first thing I have to say about it is I absolutely love it. To have a song sung in my name by the supporters of this club is something so special that I cannot put my feelings into words, but it is an honour that would have been beyond my imagination when I became Liverpool manager.

“I say this because I do not want there to be any misunderstanding. I love that the song exists. I love that it is sung. And, more than anything else, I am humbled that the supporters who I love want to sing it when they come to Anfield. Just thinking about it gives me goosebumps.

“The only exception I make – and it is much easier and much better to do it in these notes than it is in the heat of a game – is that I would love it if it became a song for after matches are finished.

“During games I want all of the support to go to the players. I want them to feel your backing and I want you to urge them on and keep them on their toes."

Klopp added: “My gratitude for the support you have given me from the moment I arrived could not be greater.

"But having felt that, I know the difference it can make, so I would appreciate it so much if this group of players could be given the same treatment.

“I know it is not for me to tell you when you should sing which song, so this is just a polite request.”

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