Jurgen Klopp addresses the FA writing to Harvey Elliott about his Carabao Cup celebrations

Jurgen Klopp has addressed the news that the FA has written to Harvey Elliott about his celebrations after Liverpool won the EFL Cup against Chelsea.

After Liverpool won the Carabao Cup on penalties, Harvey Elliott got a little bit excited while celebrating and picked up a flare that was thrown onto the pitch by a fan.

This celebration caused some controversy and pyrotechnics are prohibited at football stadiums in England.

Originally reported by Sky Sports News, the FA have apparently written to the 18-year-old about him handling the flare after the game.

Speaking about the news at his pre-Norwich press conference, Jurgen Klopp said that he will speak to the youngster about his actions.

"I haven't spoken to Harvey yet, but will I speak to him? Yes, maybe. He is a very young man on the pitch, and outside of the pitch, he is still a bit more of a boy. No problem - he made a mistake," said Klopp.

"I can promise he will not do it again. Do I think it was the worst thing that ever happened in football? No. But I got carried away in that moment too and I am nearly four times as old as he is! He will not do it again."

Anfield Watch Verdict

As a Liverpool fan, Harvey Elliott's celebration was amazing and it produced some stunning photos that the 18-year-old will cherish for the rest of his life.

However, as a professional footballer, it's probably not the best look, something that Jurgen Klopp seems to understand.

Whatever happens, it's very unlikely that the Liverpool midfielder will get punished for this. The most that will come out of it is probably a slap on the wrist from the FA.

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