Jurgen Klopp addresses picking successor at Liverpool; 'the last thing they need'

Jurgen Klopp has addressed how much input he'll have on his successor at Liverpool. The boss will leave at the end of the season.

As you might have heard, Jurgen Klopp will leave Liverpool at the end of the season. The German has been in charge at Anfield since late 2015 and will call time on his tenure this May.

That sparks all kinds of emotions from all corners but one question stands above all - who replaces him? There have been names put forward already (and one Basque name really put forward) but this will be a process. Liverpool won't announce anything soon.

But then there's another question. How much input will Klopp have in the process? Alex Ferguson famously had enormous influence in picking his successor at Manchester United, so it's far from unheard of for an outgoing, influential manager to get involved in the process.

Liverpool's boss, though, won't. At all.

"No, I won't do that," he told a press conference on Friday. "Look, that's very important. In this world, in football especially, you have a few faces around, like Billy [Hogan], who do an incredible job and you rarely see.

"That's just how you live this business. It looks like I do all the work - I can't and I don't. It means that all we've built over the last eight and a half years, there's an incredibly strong structure behind the scenes.

"That means so many people work here and with only one idea - to find a perfect solution for Liverpool FC. I'm pretty sure that will happen.

"And the last thing they need is advice from the old man walking out saying "by the way, make sure you take him, bring him in" or whatever. I will definitely not do that.

"For most things I have an opinion and you would not believe that for most things, I did not say anything. So I have no problem with that. I wish, for the future, this club, just the very, very, very best and for now, I can absolutely help them achieve the best possible."

A long answer, then, that really leaves no doubt. Klopp will be leaving things entirely up to the club and won't be getting involved. And that's to be expected - this is going to be a big, fresh start for everyone.

Coaches are leaving, the sporting director is leaving, the manager is leaving. It's all change at Liverpool in 2024.

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