"Joy to watch" - Liverpool legend praises Jurgen Klopp's achievements this season

Liverpool legend Ian Rush has said that it's "incredible" to be a Reds fan at the moment.

Speaking to Sky Sports, as quoted by LFC Transfer Room, the 60-year-old said that the trophy parade for the FA and EFL Cup will be an "incredible occasion" even if the Reds don't win the Champions League final on Saturday.

"If you had told me at the start of the season that we would have two trophies, you'd take it all day... They've been a joy to watch," Rush said.

"Even if we don't win anymore trophies, I think it (the parade) will be an absolutely incredible occasion. I think there will be millions here!

"It's incredible to be a Liverpool fan at the moment."

Anfield Watch Verdict

What a season it has been. We've played every game possible, all while winning the FA Cup, EFL Cup and being in the final of a major European competition.

It was unfortunate not to win the Premier League on Sunday but everything happens for a reason. We're sure that Jurgen Klopp's side will come back hungrier next season.

Hopefully we can bring the Champions League title back to Liverpool for a seventh time on Sunday. It will officially make us the second biggest club in the history of the European Cup.

Only Real Madrid would be above us on 13 titles. AC Milan would be level with us on seven if we were to beat the La Liga giants on Saturday.

I would say that the last game of the campaign is going to be massive for this side when it's spoken about in years to come.

Yes, the two trophies we've won are great but everyone starts the season wanting to win the Champions League and Premier League.

If we do fail to win the European Cup on Saturday it would be heartbreaking. Now, if that was to happen, then I wouldn't call the season a failure, but I would definitely called it a campaign where we underachieved.

If you were to offer me the Premier League or Champions League trophy in return for both of the trophies we've won so far this season, I would take it.

Hopefully we don't have to think about it like that as once Sunday comes, instead, I'd like to see the lads riding around Liverpool with all three trophies.

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