Jordan Henderson makes title race claim as Liverpool try to catch Man City

The Premier League title race still has glimmers of existence thanks to the latest set of results over the weekend, with Liverpool trying to hunt down Manchester City.

With Southampton and City drawing on Saturday night, Liverpool managed to capitalise - not without a scare or two first - against Crystal Palace by winning 3-1 to close the gap in the league to nine points.

Indeed, the Reds have a game in hand so that could become six and so the battle for the league is not yet over, though it still remains very much in City's hands.

That all said, Jordan Henderson has been talking about the race, and says that City are a fantastic side but that Liverpool will look to keep winning:

Anfield Watch Verdict

Henderson is a leader and knows that the title race is not over until the maths say that it is.

Liverpool still have a chance, perhaps only a slim one but a chance nonetheless, to win the league again this year.

Hopefully, there are more twists and turns to come this season yet.

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