Joe Gomez says Klopp will pay his wife if he scores a Liverpool goal

Joe Gomez has played 201 matches for Liverpool since joining from Charlton Athletic, eight and a half years ago, but has yet to score a goal. 

Now the longest-serving first-team player, Gomez has been filling in for Andy Robertson and Kostas Tsimikas as both left backs recover from injury in recent weeks but even that change of position has not altered the 26-year-old’s fortunes in front of goal. 

It is now the fourth-longest goalless streak in Reds history, behind Ephraim Longworth (370), Rob Jones (243) and Stephane Henchoz (205). 

Gomez’s barren run has become a lighthearted talking point in recent weeks and the 11-time England international has revealed that even manager Jurgen Klopp has got in on the act. 

Speaking to the official We Are Liverpool podcast this week, Gomez said: “I score in training! I get some in training. I don’t know, it’s weird because obviously eight years it’s never been that apparent, and now suddenly even the gaffer gave me a bit. 

“He said he’d give my wife some money if I scored!” 

Joe Gomez - Pro Shots

Joe Gomez - Pro Shots

When pressed for a reason as to why he might not have found the net as yet, Gomez cited Peter Krawietz, one of Klopp’s trusted lieutenants on the coaching staff, who looks after the set-piece details for the Reds. 

“I think the biggest thing is, like Pete [Krawietz], I’m never really up for corners,” he said. “So obviously that plays a role, I’d have a little bit more of a chance, maybe, but I don’t know, it’s weird.” 

He admits that the situation has become “almost comical” and is even unsure at this stage what he would do if a goal came to pass. However, he was keen to point out that he was a goalscorer in his schoolboy days. 

“It’s almost comical now isn’t it, I almost have to play on it,” Gomez said. 

“I don’t know how I can live up to the goal, no matter what the goal is, even the lads are giving me a bit of stick. 

“School team you couldn’t stop me, I was up front, literally, then you get pushed back. I did get a few hat-tricks for the school team, that’s for sure.”

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