"Jealousy" - Pundit slams opposition fans over Liverpool criticism

Former Aston Villa striker Gabby Agbonlahor has called opposition fans jealous after they criticised Liverpool's trophy parade.

Speaking to Football Insider, as quoted by Anfield Watch's Twitter account, Agbonlahor said that he has no problems with Liverpool fans celebrating the FA and EFL Cup despite criticism from opposition fans.

“The clubs and their fans are showing a bit of jealousy and envy towards Liverpool," he said.

“I don’t see any problem with it. They were on for a quadruple and won a double. Yes, people will try and play it down and say it’s just the domestic cups but they’ve still won the Carabao Cup and FA Cup. There’s no harm in (it) at all.

“The Liverpool fans are celebrating those two trophies and how close they got in the league and how well they did in the Champions League.

“Just because they lost in those two, they did very well in those two competitions. Their fans aren’t going to hold that against them, they still want to celebrate that and I’ve got no problem with that at all.”

Anfield Watch Verdict

Agbonlahor is spot on here. Why shouldn't Liverpool fans celebrate an amazing season? Yes, it could've been better, but we support our team through thick and thin.

The players deserved that reception after what they've done for the club this season and they'll cherish that memory forever, even if we didn't win the Champions League or Premier League.

What they witnessed during the parade highlights that the fans are 100% behind them.

Liverpool fans do trophy parades like no other club in England. We have seen Manchester City's 'parade' for winning the Premier League title this season and it was embarrassing compared to the Liverpool turnout.

Other fanbases should look at their club before they criticise us.

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