Jamie Carragher tells Darwin Nunez he must make one change

Jamie Carragher has called on Darwin Nunez to make one change to his game after the Liverpool striker's display at Luton Town.

Darwin Nunez always give you something to talk about after a game. Of course, we wish it was always a sensational winner like at Bournemouth but this time it was for his inability to find the net against Luton Town.

Nunez came incredibly close in the first half, controlling Trent Alexander-Arnold's ball over the top before flicking it off the bar. A little more luck and it was 1-0 to Liverpool.

The real talking point came in the second, though. Nunez appeared at the back post with the goal gaping in front of him - nothing in the three yards between him and the goal. Only, he fired it some way over the crossbar.

Jamie Carragher, who was on commentary for the game, use it as an example of a flaw in Nunez's game. He believes the Uruguayan simply must add a more delicate touch to his finishing if he's to be regarded on that top level.

"There is so much to admire about him and he's had a great season so far, but he has moments like that where the people who don't think he's quite at the top level or not huge fans of his, they can all point to situations like that," Carragher explained.

"So he has to change those little situations like that. There was one of the first after just thinking, not being clinical, but a different type of finish.

"He's got to bring that into his game and be a little bit more delicate rather than just put his foot through every time he gets the opportunity."

It's all about knowing what to do in the moment, of course. There are certainly times where Nunez scored when most players wouldn't, simply because he leathered it when others may have gone for the delicate finish.

Carragher is right, though. Nunez opts for power pretty much every time and if he toned that down to maybe 7 or 8 times out of 10, there would likely be a few more goals in his game.

At the same time, it's important to note that Jurgen Klopp isn't worried. He still likes what he sees and clearly believes Nunez is on the right path with his development.

And so perhaps he has added that delicate finish by the end of the season - or maybe he finds some other way to be destructive. Either way, Nunez is still having a fantastic season and improving consistently.

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