Jamie Carragher slams "excessive" Everton punishment after 10-point deduction

Jamie Carragher has labelled the Premier League's punishment of Everton "excessive and not right" after the Toffees were deducted ten points.

Everton became just the third Premier League team to be docked points in the competition's history and now find themselves second from bottom and back in the relegation zone.

The punishment was decided on by an independent commission after Everton were found guilty of breaching financial fair play rules.

Fans have been quick to point out that Everton's punishment is perhaps overly harsh given that a decision is still yet to be made on Manchester City's alleged 115 breaches of Premier League financial rules.

One person who echoed the thoughts of many was former Liverpool defender and boyhood Everton fan Jamie Carragher, who slammed the Premier League's decision on social media.

Taking to X, the Sky Sports pundit said: "The 10 point deduction for Everton is excessive & not right, considering they have been working with the PL [Premier League] about this for the last couple of years.

"Would it have been better to be evasive & try & drag it out like other clubs?

"No doubt relegated clubs will have put big pressure on the PL to deal with Everton, but when you consider 6 clubs tried to leave the PL & there was no sanction at all it doesn’t feel right.

"Until other clubs are sanctioned Everton will feel they are being used to show there is no need for an independent regulator, and they are right."

Carragher refers to the fact that six Premier League clubs, including Liverpool, tried to form the European Super League, a competition that would have had drastic consequences on the entirety of English football. However, those clubs only received fines for their actions.

The 45-year-old also alludes to the 115 charges brought against Man City, which the current Premier League champions deny and have challenged vehemently with a lengthy legal battle.

Chelsea could also face a points deduction for failing to disclose certain financially beneficial deals on their club accounts during Roman Abramovich's time as owner.

Hopefully, Everton's points deduction serves as a precedent rather than an isolated incident, and other clubs found guilty of wrongdoing will be punished with equal vigour.

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