Jamie Carragher reacts to Arsenal star admitting Liverpool should have had a penalty

Jamie Carragher has reacted to William Saliba admitting that Liverpool should have had a penalty against Arsenal at Anfield. They somehow got away with it.

Liverpool left Anfield on Saturday having drawn 1-1 with Arsenal. It was a massive game, one of the biggest this season, and it wasn't a massive disappointment.

But it could and probably should have been more. Liverpool hit the bar in the second half from a golden opportunity, while the Reds really should have had a penalty in the first half.

That's certainly our stance and, as it turns out, the stance of Arsenal's William Saliba, too. He said after the game that it was a penalty but he's 'not the ref'. Which, to be fair, he isn't.

The actual refs didn't see it that way and gave nothing even after a VAR review. The incident, which saw Martin Odegaard block the ball in the box with his hand, wasn't enough for them.

We're not sure their stance really makes much sense, either, as the Premier League claims Odegaard was moving his arm towards his body and not the ball. They're ignoring the fact that that was where the ball was, apparently, and the fact that he had to have moved his arm towards the ball if it hit the ball.

Jamie Carragher certainly doesn't understand why it wasn't given. He reacted on X to Saliba's comments saying 'It was a penalty & the man of the match knows it! '.

Liverpool have not had much 'luck' with VAR decisions this season, to say the least. The Reds have received at least two apologies - and an absolutely ridiculous decision cost them three points at Tottenham Hotspur.

But what can you do at this point? Liverpool are still challenging for the title, but it's very much in spite of the refereeing decisoins.

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