Jamie Carragher makes admission over Liverpool's title chances

Jamie Carragher has played down Liverpool's title chances this season, admitting his old team has ridden their luck so far this season.

The Reds went into the weekend top pf the Premier League table, but surrendered their position to Arsenal after a limp 0-0 draw against Manchester United.

The result and missed opportunity to extend their lead over defending champions Manchester City, who won't play again until after Christmas, has called into question Liverpool's potential as real title challengers this season.

Speaking on Sky Sports after the draw at Anfield, Liverpool legend Carragher claimed that the Reds are 'ahead of schedule' but not yet ready to compete for the crown.

"How good is this Liverpool team? It's almost ahead of schedule," he said. "I think the feeling was, can Liverpool make sure they get back into the Champions League this season, maybe have a go at the Europa League and next season's really the time to, you know, get back.

"So I think it's surprised a lot of people – certainly me – where Liverpool are in the league, so you're thinking 'of course, go for it'. But I think if you even speak to Arsenal supporters they'll look at their team and have questions as well.

"It feels like there are still questions between the top two right now.

"I don’t think Liverpool can win the league, from what I’ve seen results-wise and performance-wise.

"It feels like they’ve had a little bit of luck at times this season – of course they’ve had bad luck with the Tottenham game – but in terms of someone coming off the bench and winning the game late, I’m not sure you can continue to do that."

Carragher's fellow Sky pundit, Gary Neville agreed, adding: "I don’t think Liverpool will win the league. I said Arsenal at the start of the season, as I anticipated that City might have that little bit of a drop, which is understandable after such a peak last season."

Despite Liverpool's inability to kill off United, the Reds are still just one point off league leaders Arsenal and face the Gunners at Anfield next weekend for what could prove a pivotal encounter.

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