“It’s embarrassing" - Jamie Carragher on Liverpool's performance against Napoli

Pundit Jamie Carragher has given his thoughts on Liverpool's defeat to Napoli in the Champions League.

The Serie A side defeated the Reds 4-1 at the Diego Armando Maradona Stadium last night.

Carragher said that Liverpool's performance against Napoli was "embarrassing".

As quoted by Anfield Watch's Twitter account, he told CBS Sports the following: “It’s embarrassing, it really is. I said before, it’s kids’ stuff (the defending) and this is the big problem with Liverpool. They’ve built their success on intensity on the ball, which means their opposition can’t get their head up to put the ball over.

“So your team is always tight and always really compact, always a risk, but you’ve got energy on the ball. That energy is not there now. So that back four has to adapt.

“If they keep playing that (high line) they are going to have a big problem, in terms of the Premier League this season and qualifying for the next round of the Champions League.”

Anfield Watch Verdict

We completely agree with Carragher. Liverpool were terrible against Napoli. That was the Reds' worst performance of the season so far.

Napoli were dominant right throughout the game. With the aforementioned clash being Liverpool's first of the Champions League group stages, we thought that the Reds would put in a better showing than what they did.

Overall, Liverpool have had a very slow start to the season. The Reds have only secured nine points from a possible 18 in the Premier League.

So, Liverpool will have to improve dramatically if they are to get anything out of the campaign. We wish the team all the best for the remainder of the season.

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