"It's about the next challenge" - Jordan Henderson on staying motivated

Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson has spoken about the challenge of staying motivated.

The Reds have won the two biggest trophies in club football in the past three years - the Champions League and Premier League title.

Despite that being the case, Henderson recently implied that his desire to win either trophy again has not faded.

As quoted by Anfield Watch on Twitter, he told The Guardian the following: “The Champions League was always a dream of mine to win, the Premier League was always a dream of mine to win, and when you do that you need to re-evaluate. You need to process that and think: ‘What now?'"

"It’s about the next challenge and finding a way to want it even more. And I think when you do become successful and win trophies it makes you want to get back there even more and do it all over again.

"You learn that it’s about the journey and all the memorable games it takes to get there. This season has been incredible for that. To be in this position with a chance of a treble (League Cup, FA Cup and Champions League) on the last game of the season is an achievement in itself.

"You have to give credit to the lads for that.”

Anfield Watch Verdict

It has been quite obvious in recent times that Henderson and his teammates are determined to add to their legacy.

Liverpool only missed out on the Premier League title to Manchester City by a single point this season.

But, as Henderson pointed out, the Reds will have the opportunity to win the European Cup on Sunday when they face Real Madrid in Paris.

We would love to see the skipper lift the trophy for a second time. Henderson copped a lot of grief from plenty of people in his early days at the club.

The reality is, Henderson was not performing. However, he has since proven everyone wrong.

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